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President of PMS

Sailing since childhood, I took over PMS in 2020 after a one year collaboration with Daniel and Francis. With a degree in history, a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Sciences Po, and an Executive MBA from Kedge BS, I have sailed in regattas, taught sailing and owned sailboats.
Expert in social protection and passionate about management and HR, PMS combines my passion for the sea and my professional skills. With my talented team, we aim to make PMS the reference in yacht management
PMS : “the yachting French touch”.

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Executive Assistant

Since 2018, as an executive assistant, I have been playing a cross-functional role within the group’s entities, managing administrative, budgetary, staff management and sailor training aspects.

I am committed to quality service for our customers and our maritime community.

As a sports enthusiast and competitor, I am enthusiastic about the challenges we set ourselves at PMS.

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Personnel Administration Manager

Joining PMS in July 2021, I oversee the personnel administration and digital transformation of the group. I manage the production of documents related to the crews and the maintenance of their skills.

I am accompanying the digitalization of PMS with a secure collaborative platform for our seafarers and shipowners. Leading the HR team, we are committed to providing the quality and service expected in the luxury yachting industry.

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HR Project Manager

As an HR and payroll manager, I manage the administrative supervision of the sailors, from the creation of contracts to the production of pay slips. I help with the revalidation of diplomas and accompany their rise in skills.

I listen to our sailors and inform them about the administrative procedures related to the social protection institutions in France. Together, we are making successful progress!

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Destesya BOKA

Community Manager

Passionate about international relations and cultural diversity, I find in PMS an opportunity for fulfillment. As Community Manager, I enjoy developing and improving our relationships with members, enthusiasts and yachting professionals.

Rigorous, committed, and eager to travel, I am delighted to contribute to the PMS adventure and to take up the challenge of international competition together, an ambitious goal that I am deeply enthusiastic about.

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Yacht Manager

After 10 years in retail, I met Thomas in 2022 and joined PMS as Yacht Manager. My main mission is to develop our global yacht management offer and our sustainable strategy. My taste for challenge, my expertise in maintenance and customer service make me attentive to our customers, captains and providers. With a degree in sports management and a passion for sailing, the sea inspires me daily. Entrust me with the management of your vessel for long-term serenity and pleasure!
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Yacht Manager

Yacht Manager since March 2023, I aim to put my 15 years of professional experience, driven by customer satisfaction, into the PMS project, facilitating the seafarer’ daily lives and thus enhancing the pleasure of clients on board.

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive yacht management service, positioning myself as the link between the shipowner, the captain and the various service providers.

As a manager in spirit, I’m keen to offer appropriate solutions for managing day-to-day expenses and optimizing the follow-up of maintenance agreements.