Our global management offer

You take care of nothing, we take care of everything!
One word: have fun.

With the global management, you entrust us with the entire responsibility of your yacht, from the crew to the maintenance of your vessel through the management of your budget. You will have only one thing to do: enjoy!

Crew management

A competent crew is the guarantee of a ship in good condition. At
We are convinced that taking care of your sailors can only have beneficial effects on the operation of your vessel.

PMS has two crew management offerings:

– Integral management is the most complete offer on the market. PMS is the employer of your sailors and assumes all the responsibility for them. We put these sailors at your disposal and we take care of all the administrative procedures related to their Maritime Engagement Contracts. The Integral Management is our “Turnkey” offer that allows ship owners to concentrate only on the management of the ship and the navigation. Our rigor and our 100% digitalized tool allow us to ensure a high level of responsiveness on an international scale.

– The administrative management
is suitable for shipowners who wish to remain employers of their seafarers. In administrative management, we produce contracts and payroll elements in white label and the shipowner assumes the various responsibilities of employer.

Yacht Management

Managing a luxury yacht is a profession in itself. Make the choice of
for the management of your vessel is to ensure that your yacht will be maintained, managed and operated in the best conditions.

Yacht management includes:

– Managing your budget: Our budgetary reporting is designed to force our eco-system to be as transparent as possible. Our rigor leads us to optimize the operating costs of your yacht.

– The management of your maintenance:
Our digital CMMS tool allows the establishment of a preventive maintenance plan avoiding breakdowns, unavailability and maximizing the operation of your Yacht.

– Compliance management:
Our mastery and expertise of the different levels of regulations will secure the operation of your Yacht.

Are you a yacht owner or manager?