Crew Management

As a pioneer in the maritime work company field, PMS is the leader in crew management in France, holding French Ministry approval. Since 1998, yacht owners and managers have trusted us with the enrolment and management of their crews.

We are committed to providing qualified professional seafarers to meet the specific roles on board : Waiter/Hostess, Captain, Enginer, Seafarer, Chef etc.

Trust us to handle the contracts, the payroll and the working time records of your crews, so that you are completely reassured and convenience.

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You wish to complete your crew:

– Captain 200 UMS, Captain 500 UMS, Captain 3000 UMS
– Engineer 750 kW, Engineer 3000 kW
– Deckhand
– Chef
– Waiter, Hostess
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Offers for shipowner

Integral Management is a “Turnkey” option.

The seafarers are enrolled by PMS under a French ENIM contract in compliance with the MLC 2006 and the maritime employment law.

Verification of seafarers' enrolment

Before the enrolment, PMS verifies the seafarers’ certificates and skills.

We can also support your crews in their careers evolution.

Employer responsibility

PMS enrolls your crews and therefore assumes the role of employer.

The responsibilities include managing incoming and outgoing crews, salary and social security payments, health insurance and other insurance plans….

Online personal space

PMS creates an online space for crew supervision.

The many functions include: pointing and tracking of crew working hours, electronic signature of contracts and quotations, consultation of seafarers’ contracts, etc…

Production of contracts and pay slips ENIM

We enroll crews under the French Maritime Commitment Contract (ENIM, the organization to which all our seafarers are attached).

The pay slips are set up according to the ENIM categorical classification and respect all the specificities of the navigation type.

Administrative management is dedicated to professionals who operate as shipowners and prefer to manage their seafarers.

PMS acts as a consultant and handles “white lable” production. 

Referenced third party declarant

PMS is referenced by Acoss, ENIM and the Directorate of Maritime Affairs as a third party declarant. This allows us to make declarative sendings (DSN) to the URSSAF under your SIRET number. You are then directly charged by the relevant authorities.

Verification of seafarers' enrolment

Before each enrolment, PMS verifies the seafarers’ certificates and skills.

We can also support your crews in their development of skills.

White label production

The establishment of the Maritime Commitment Contracts and the production of payroll elements (pay slips, end-of-contract elements, other employer certificates) are done on a white label basis.

A complete and secure digital space

PMS provides you with the first online space for the supervision of your crew.

Its numerous functionalities include: a time and attendance system, electronic signature of contracts and estimates, consultation of seafarers’ contracts, etc…

Captains, Seafarers, Engineers, Chefs, Waiters/Hostesses

You are qualified, your certificates are valid and you wish to be enrolled:

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by attaching your CV and your professional record from the “Portail du marin”

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