PMS – Planète mer services at your side for ⁣25 years 

Marine work company since 1998.

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Daniel Pradère and Francis Jacquey, Captains 200 Sailing and experienced sailors, founded Planète Mer Services in 1998, a Maritime Employment Company, now approved and registered in the national register of recruitment and placement services for Seafarers.

Experienced sailors, conveyors of Sailboats and Motor Yachts, holders of the BPPV, Convoying and Chartering are at the time their main activities, but the demand for administrative management of the sailors, in particular by famous charter companies and other shipowners, leads progressively to specialization towards “Crew Management”.

Applying with the greatest rigor the specificities of the French Maritime Labor legislation, whatever the flag chosen by its customers, Planète Mer Services benefits from a great relationship of trust with the administrations, which makes the formalities for the enrolment of the crews, the secondments abroad or the registration of the Yachts with the R.I.F. more fluid.

At the beginning of 2021, the founders sold their shares to Thomas Kieffer, who has been passionate about sailing and the sea since his childhood.

A native of Gland and a graduate of Sciences-Po, supplemented by an Executive MBA at Kedge BS, the young forty-year-old aims to follow in the wake of the steady development of Planète Mer Services and to give it the full measure of its great potential.

The trio and their collaborators are working wonderfully and have at heart to secure their ship-owning customers and their seafarers, present and future.

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