FAQ: frequently asked questions

Who can be hired by a Maritime Labour Company?

All Sailors who meet the following criteria:

  • French sailors, regardless of country of residence
  • Foreign sailors residing in France

STCW 2010 certified, with valid credentials and medical fitness

How to benefit from the services of a Maritime Work Company

2 contracts are signed for this 3-way partnership:

  • with the shipowner or the company managing the vessel: the Shipowner Assistance contract
  • with the Sailor: the French law Maritime Commitment Contract

Planète Mer Services becomes the employer, pays the salaries and the social contributions to the concerned organizations. Planète Mer Services is a guarantor with the ENIM.

If the flag is foreign, Planète Mer Services takes care of the Seafarer’s detachment so that he/she keeps his/her rights to ENIM, Pôle Emploi, Family Allowances, etc.

What is the interest for the Shipowner to call upon a Maritime Work Company?

By using an ETM, the shipowner is in compliance with the MLC 2006 – the Maritime Labour Convention – and benefits from the following advantages

  • no employer’s obligations and no deposit to be paid for charges.
  • no additional insurance to take out: accident, illness, treatment abroad, repatriation, etc.
  • its Crew is covered by the best possible pension and benefit plan
  • the support of a reliable and recognized service provider, which has been operating since 1998
What is the interest for the Seafarer to be enrolled by a Maritime Labour Company?

Thanks to the French Maritime Commitment Contract, the Sailor enjoys the following benefits:

  • Social Security for Seamen ENIM
  • Contribution to the Caisse de retraite des Marins ENIM
  • Right to sickness, accident, maternity and paternity benefits…
  • Pôle Emploi at the end of the contract
  • Right to training
  • Full consideration of on-board time for revalidation of certificates

For more information on our services and our operation, contact Planète Mer Services or +33 491 90 20 72.